Craft Recipes for Props & Play

Clay Recipes: Traditional Clay, Quickie Molding Clay, Sawdust Clay & Coffee Clay

Paint Recipes: Finger Paint, Kool Aid Paint, Puffy Paint, Powdered Milk Paint

Paper Maché Recipes: Traditional Paper Maché Paste, Wheat Paste Maché, Glue Maché

Chalk Recipes: Sidewalk Chalk, Eggshell Chalk

Bubble Recipes: Love Bubbles! Rainbow Bubbles, Bubba Bubbles, Bubbles Hints & Tricks

Crazy Fun Craft Recipes Silly Putty, Slime

Play Dough Recipes Traditional Play Dough, Tasty Play Dough, Fragrant Play Dough, Plain Old Play Dough, Nature's Own Play Dough.

Cookie Puppet Shows And Frosting Recipe A great recipie for making and creating your own edible puppets.

I have met a lot of puppeteers and puppet practitioners in my life. Most of them were rolling in dough--clay dough, paper maché dough, play dough and the like.

Most puppet productions require props. You can't usually go to the store and ask for a bed with a hole in the middle that will fit a 12" puppet. Consequently the props have to be handmade. It is all part of the fun of putting on a puppet show.

Since we don't know your exact prop needs, we will give you the basic recipes for clays, machés, chalks and paints.

We couldn't leave it at that though, crafts are fun even without a puppet show as an end goal. So we included a few more of our favorite craft recipes just for the heck of it. Most of them are made out of common household products.

If kids are going to help in the process, please make sure they are supervised. Most of the recipes have hot or boiling water ingredients. Be careful and have loads of fun!

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